Work related post

January 12, 2009

I’m not big on categories but I just added one – work,  for the heck of it coz I know i’ll be posting alot of these kind posts from now on.

So lately i’ve been fiddling in the Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution department (CDR). Cyclowhat??  In short, I prepare anti-cancer drugs to be used by patients on chemotherapy.

But its not as simple as it sounds. The process begins when I first  receive a request from a doctor for a chemo drug for a patient. Based on the patient’s details, I then calculate the accurate amount of cancer drug to be prepared into solution form to be administered to the patient.

Once calculations are done, I then go up to the sterile room where the drugs are prepared. I then hop into my spacesuit, consisting of – jumpsuit, face mask, hair cap, booties, glove layer #1, glover layer #2, crotch protector, and protective outer gown.

Photo by fotosearch.com

I’m then fed the equipment and raw cancer drugs to be prepared through a sterile vent which leads to another room where the “runners” carefully choose the items for me to work with. The work is done in a well lit, sterile, suction ventilated cabinet which has to be wiped down before and after each session.

This work is serious stuff. I must be careful enough not to let any cancer drugs leak or spill from the bottles for 2 good reasons.

1. It is very harmful to health upon contact. Here are a few things the drugs can do to you – make you pee blood, lose your hair, make you very sick, destroy your organs and also prevent you from reproducing. Hence, the heavy armor and tight procedures.

2. Cost. I once wasted a vial of anti-cancer drug which costs RM500. Sorry Tax-payers!!

So after the drugs are done I send them through the sterile vent back to the runners so they can pack and label the drugs. There you have it, another day in the amazing life of khaiyong.



  1. wah this sounds lk the sterile lab v did in sem6 ? wif the spacesuit attire ? hahahaha
    have fun ya ~

  2. seeing as how we probably pay more tax than our patients, we’ll probably be the one’s who’ll kill you for wasting that vial! lol kidding….

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