Dad the handyman

January 23, 2009

I was told to blog via the coolest method today. A friend did a song dedication online on an online radio station with a message to me asking me to blog.


Cool beans! The DJ played two of my requests =)

So i’m gonna talk about my Dad.

Im sure you readers can relate to this. Many times  when something goes wrong in the house, our dads would be there right away to get it fixed. Anyhoo, my dad takes it to another level. I was surfing the net as usual and my dad came up from behind to ask me whats going on. So he put his hand on my chair and he realised that the chair was abit loose at parts so conversation ended abruptly and he started fiddling with the chair.

So naturally I continued surfing the net (all the while with him fiddling with the chair) and after awhile he asked me to change chairs so he can get it fixed. Talk about determination.



One comment

  1. cool…. you really update jor ur blog… :p

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