New Horizons

January 30, 2009

Hey there.

Just a quick post before I rush off to visit a friend at the Hospital.

Since I was young, my parents have always guided me everystep of the way, which has landed me in the career path i’m in. I have always had dreams of escaping 9-5, influenced by my brothers – one has made a big name for himself as the owner my Malaysia’s largest online youth survey community and the other has proven himself to become an upcoming and successful Internet Marketer.

I know that being a pharmacist might be able to give me the financial freedom I want IF i work hard enough, but seeing that i’ve got so many people surrounding me doing so many interesting things, I thought why not i’d give it a shot as well? I’ve got the freedom to dabble (no financial constraints unlike others who are less fortunate), i’ve got the right tools, teachers and mindset, I got nothing to lose.

Whenever people ask me what are my passions, I could never give a good answer. But i’m starting to find what I really want now, and what I want is to get rich young 😀 The journey will be hard this year, but unlike my previous attempts, I won’t give in so easily this time. As the chinese saying goes, “xian ku hou tian”, meaning, bitterness first followed by sweetness. I can taste that sweetness already.


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