The curse is broken.

February 15, 2009

Hah! Thought this blog was dead didnt you? No no no, khaiyong.wordpress.com shall never vanish. I’ve got plans of moving to my own domain name soon.

Meanwhile, hospital life has been good. I have found a bizarre attraction to the business in the outpatient department. I guess thats what you get after being posted to other boring pharmacy departments 😛

Happy belated valentines day to everyone! If you have found  your chosen one, good for you. If not, fret not! There’s a gazillion fishes in the sea and you aren’t alone in the struggling to find true love.

As for my goals, I still haven’t forgotten about it and i’m still as fired up as ever. Just takes some time to get started and its in the works as we speak 🙂

I realized I don’t blog as much as I used to. I’ve kinda lost my flare for blogging, maybe due to boredom or other personal problems, but whatever it is, i’m going to get it back. 1 blog post a day!! roarr


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