Short one

March 10, 2009

MSN disconnected. Maybe its a sign that I should be getting back to my studies. Yes. STUDIES. I have got a forensics paper on the 23rd of March. Fail it and I can’t register as a full pharmacist. (but fail can try again la). To think that after all i’ve been thru in uni I still have to sit for exams. This would probably be my last exam for the rest of my life.

Other than that, lifes been okay. I keep telling myself that everyday is a new day full of oppurtunities. Oppurtunities to do something new and exciting, to meet someone new, to have an interesting conversation with someone you don’t know too well. Stuff like that, and I find that it really helps me live a more meaningful life.

Before you know it, you’re already in the 40s (no offense to the baby boomers) and you’d be regretting you didn’t talk to that girl 20 years ago when you had the chance. So if you’re reading this, do someone out of the ordinary today. Whether its hitting on some girl or just doin some random deed of kindness. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the process.

I’m coming back KL this weekend. If anyone wants to meet up give me a shout.


  1. Ok, i’ll “DO SOMEONE out of the ordinary”… ahahaha

  2. omg… didnt realise the typo. haha ill just leave it there for the novelty

  3. u4e0du5c0du5473u662fu611fu89bau4e0du5c0du6216u662fu8b8au8abfnu770bu4f60u4e0du723du5c31u662fu770bu4f60u4e0du723dnu4e0du4e00u6a23 Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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