Complaint letter to Trans-assional.

February 22, 2009

To whom it may concern,

The reason I am writing this letter is to express my utmost disappointment towards the services provided by your company.

Every single time I sit on your bus, something goes terribly wrong. The 1st time I bought your ticket, not only was the counter sales person unfriendly and cooperative, the bus was late by a whole 40 minutes, causing not only me but 20 other passengers to sweat profusely and breathe in dirty bus exhaust while waiting for the bus to arrive.

The second time I used your services, the bus was late again by at least half an hour. I understand that sometimes, SOMETIMES there will be unforseen circumstances which cause delays in bus departure times, but based on my experiences with your services and that of my peers, I feel very, very sorry for any future customers you may have.

Today once again, I decided to give your company a chance to restore its already tarnished reputation. To my amazement, the bus was suprisingly early this time around. I happily boarded the bus, expecting to arrive at my destination in its expected 2 hours, but guess what? Your bus broke down several times throughout the journey. This has caused me much emotional and physical frustration. To add salt to the wound, there was no toilet stop along the way, and the bus had to break down in the middle of nowhere along the highway, causing me to weigh the pros and cons of peeing on the highway against possible bladder dysfunction. Me being a guy chose the latter, and I ended up having suffer for another 150 minutes (which is approximately the amount of time i need to complete 3/4 the whole journey if I were to drive myself.) If I ever discover that my sexual capabilities gets compromised after this incident, I swear I will sue your company for every cent its worth (assuming its worth anything).


A very upset ex-customer.


One comment

  1. aiiiiiihz. next time try kkkl. before this, they always go for kkkl or transnational. pity u larh!!! spread the bad news!

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